Are You Posting on Social Media Too Much? Too Little? Or?


Content written by Rodney Alsup and first published by the MBA News Digest on May 17, 2018 and revised May 22, 2020.

During last week’s MBA News Digest Podcast, “Makini Allwood–Social Media Usage at Chicago Booth EMBA,” Makini referenced using a social media calendar to manage social media postings. This started me thinking about how often graduate management programs should post content to a given social media platform. So, I did a little research to help answer these questions, “Are You Posting on Social Media Too Much? Too Little? Or?”

What is recommended?

The following four sets of recommendations for posting frequency on six platforms provides a useful starting point for answering the questions. The starting point column is a judgement call on my part.

Who are my recommenders?

My recommenders came from a Google search. While they may not be the “so-called experts,” we all want, they offer metrics we can use for planning and getting started purposes. Your search likely will find others with different numbers. The important thing is that you find a source and a set of metrics you can use as a starting point. For your convenience, here are links to each recommender: CoSchedule Blog, RevLocal, Constant Contact, and Forbes.

What is the answer?

There is no right answer. But, a more proper consideration is how is what you are doing now compare to the starting point numbers. One of the interesting things about social media is that any social media user can make the comparison, not only for their own program but for any other program they want to select. Another interesting point is the aim of social media is engagement and more effective engagement may not result from larger numbers but from the quality and relevance of the post to the followers. But the starting point numbers, are just that, a good starting point for creating a social media program and assessing the resource requirements for building an effective program.

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