Change These Legacy Rules & Put More Qualified Graduate Student “Butts-in-Seats”

Inside Higher Ed’s takeaway from a recent Moody’s Investor Service report is the Coronavirus Pandemic will “drive innovation and growth in higher education, allowing some universities to emerge stronger with growing enrollments and revenue.” Their thinking is strength and growth will come about by building out online capabilities and expanding non-degree and certificate programs. While this may be true, other ways to grow enrollments and revenue with much less effort are available.

Are You Posting on Social Media Too Much? Too Little? Or?

Are You Posting on Social Media Too Much? Too Little? Or?   Content written by Rodney Alsup and first published by the MBA News Digest on May 17, 2018 and revised May 22, 2020. During last week’s MBA News Digest Podcast, “Makini Allwood–Social Media Usage at Chicago Booth EMBA,” Makini referenced using a social media calendar to manage social media postings. This started me thinking about how often graduate management programs should post content to a given social media platform. So, I did a little research to help answer these questions, “Are You…